Find the value of your practice

OptiRova LLC believes that any transaction needs to start with an accurate and impartial valuation of the practice’s worth. If it is too high and overvalues the practice, buyers will tend to shy away; even if it does sell, saddling the new owner with more debt than is advisable can lead to the practice eventually closing its doors. If the value is set too low, the seller is losing the equity they have earned through their life’s work and justifiably feel unhappy about the transaction.

OptiRova LLC performs practice appraisals, and also works with local qualified professionals when requested. We typically use at least two different methods to value a practice, and come to a number based on consideration of the different methodologies.

If you are interested in receiving an affordable appraisal of your practice performed by OptiRova LLC or one of our affiliated appraisers, or have questions, please click here.