How Major Changes In Technology are Affecting Eye Care

A recent study from Cohert News shows a monumental increase in the Optometry ophthalmic equipment industry, estimating the market to almost double by the year 2026. These factors including new opportunities, forecasts, market shares and competitors in the field. So...

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Still Got What It Takes

I still remember the drive that that helped me get through college and med school and to become successful in my new career. I was fresh out of medical school and residency and eager to launch into that new career. But, now all of a sudden here I am at retirement age!...

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Increasing Profitability

There are essentially two ways of increasing profitability in a professional practice: cutting costs, and increasing sales. Here is a quiz for you: which increases the bottom-line profit more for a practice, reducing cost of goods by 20%, or increasing sales by 20%?...

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