Contact us for help with any of the following areas.

Consulting Services
We offer broad-spectrum consulting services for eye care professionals, including insurance billing, increasing profitability, customer service, improving patient flow, efficiency, staff training, and much more. Contact us with your needs for a free evaluation of how we can help your practice.

Financial Services
OptiRova LLC has financial professionals who work closely with those in the eye care industry and are equipped to help. If you need accounting services, banking services, or just a re-structure of your profit and loss statements to improve manageability of your practice let us know.

Streamline Practice Management
Do you know what numbers need to be followed daily? Weekly? Monthly? And which numbers you don’t really need to follow at all? Are your staff members engaged in their work to help you build your practice? We can help you with tools to streamline your management efficiency without needing hours and hours every week.

Dispensary Maximization
Most eye care practices derive more money from their dispensary than any other part of the practice, including the doctor’s fees! We can help you get control of your dispensary and improve both sales and patient satisfaction with the process.