OptiRova LLC is dedicated to assisting professional practices in every phase of their life, from opening or new ownership to helping transition practices to new owners. OptiRova LLC has professionals with years of experience in the Eye Care Industry ready to help you, whatever your need.

OptiRova offers a wide range of services to the Eye Care Industry. Our primary focus is on the areas listed below.

1. Finding a Buyer or Seller. It can be a daunting task to locate a buyer with your optometry practice for sale. If you are a buyer, it can also be hard to find the right practice to buy. OptiRova can help identify and bring parties together to make the transaction happen. We use many ways of finding buyers and sellers:

  • Strong internet presence with high visibility
  • Networking with professionals and organizations
  • Speaking with colleges of optometry

2. Valuation. If you are considering selling your optometry practice in the next 2 or 3 years, then you should have a practice appraisal done to estimate the value you will receive when you sell. It is also a great time to look at actions that can make the practice more valuable to both you and potential buyers. OptiRova will:

  • Provide a valuation based on multiple models of appraisal
  • Determine the value of the current equipment and fixtures of the practice
  • Give an estimate of goodwill

3. Practice Analysis. How does your practice measure up against the common benchmarks? Are your charging enough money for your services? Do you accept managed care plans that are not profitable for the practice? We look at these and other factors to help you build value in the practice. Just a few of the facets of analysis:

  • Financial review of your accounting statements
  • Review of your retail pricing structures
  • Streamlining and simplifying financial reports

4. Assistance with the Sales Process. We help both buyers and sellers navigate the sales process from beginning to end. Services include:

  • Drafting purchase agreements
  • Evaluating staff performance
  • Lease evaluations, and many other facets of this complicated process.

5. Guidance and Consulting Services. OptiRova provides consulting and guidance on many of the issues that are common questions among eye care practices, including staffing, dispensing, marketing and finances.

  • Staff Manuals
  • Hiring/firing guidelines
  • Dispensary improvement
  • Increased financial performance

6. Vendor Recommendations. OptiRova networks with thousands of practices and huge numbers of vendors. Each practice is different and has different needs. Let us help you select the vendors that are the right “fit” for your needs.

OptiRova LLC is led by Eric Rollins, with 30 years experience in the Eye Care field. Eric has a business background, majoring in Business Administration with Marketing Emphasis. After a career featuring senior positions in optical retail, frame and laboratory sectors, he began Rollins Consulting LLC in 2006 to help Eye Care Professionals build profitability and patient satisfaction while streamlining business practices. Eric has written for industry publications, including 20/20 Magazine and First Vision Media Group. Eric also speaks for local, regional and national Optometric and Opticianry groups.